Thursday, 23 April 2009

Well, I set up my blog...and then haven't posted since!! I even had to go onto the forum to find out what i'd called it as I couldn't remember, and then I couldn't remember my password!!! There is just no hope for me!

My excuse is that i've been ill. Nothing too serious, just a throat infection which seems to have cleared up after taking my antibiotics.

Not done much crafting lately, except for the pages that I completed in Jo's circle journal which I am part of on Craft Nomads. But I won't post pictures as I don't want to spoil the surprise! Have made a 40th birthday card for a friend today, but the picture is on computer upstairs and I am on OH laptop downstairs. Will try and post some pic's over the weekend.

Well, bedtime is beckoning - only 2 more sleeps until the craft show at Aintree.

Em x

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  1. Hi Em!

    Hope you are feeling better now. Enjoy Aintree this weekend, and hope you get loads of yummy Craft Stash!
    Take care x